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Date: 25.09.2017

The Wicked Plot of Sue Manchu (1997)

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Advertising The Misaimed Marketing trope is full of unfortunate examples of ironies caused by marketing strategy. A commercial for 7Up shows a pickup truck with a flat tire. The truck is overloaded with used tires. The announcer says "If we can pack this much irony into one scene, we can pack genuine 7Up flavor into ten calories. Index had her memories erased regularly, to prevent them overloading her mind actually a lie to keep her under control. Touma removes the need for this By a brainwashed Index, no less.

Accelerator kills over ten thousand Sisters with the goal of increasing his own power. After being stopped, he later chooses to save a particular Sister. He devotes all of his power to doing so, which drops his normally-impregnable defense and allows someone to shoot him in the head. He survives, but with brain damage that would normally leave him unable to walk, talk or use his ability. Mikoto sees one of her clones get brutally murdered by Accelerator.

What would you do if a clone of yours appeared before you? Ah, that would freak me out. I think I would wish it would just disappear.

Black Dossier Annotations

Cut to Mikoto, who is fighting a one-woman war against the Level 6 Shift project. Reiner in Attack on Titan is described by his instructor as having incredible willpower and mental fortitude and others rely on him, considering him stable and reliable.

Not only is Reiner a mole, he is the Armored Titan who is completely invulnerable due to his armor plating and is mentally and emotionally unstable due to Becoming the Mask and is the least sane out of the Titan infiltrators. Eren has an all-consuming hate for Titans. He finds out he is a Titan shifter and several friends turn out to be the very Titans he hated the most — and worse, he became a Titan Shifter by eating his dad, who was also a shifter.

Furthermore, Eren has the ability to command regular Titans. Human characters struggle with becoming monsters to effectively fight against the Titans. The monsters Titan shifters struggle with their humanity which decreases their ability to fight effectively. Bleach had a moment of irony during the Fake Karakura Town arc.

A case occurs early on when nobody can figure out who Zero is, but Lelouch almost gets unmasked by a cat. He cares about this plan so much he sacrifices his own life for it, but as he lies dying in front of her, she tells him that the only kind of world she ever wanted was one where they could live together. Also ironic is that at the beginning of the series, Lelouch took on the title of Zero, to become a symbol of Justice against the Britannian emperors tyranny, while Suzaku had joined the military hoping to change Britannia from within.

At the end of the series, Suzaku and Lelouch had Their roles switched. Suzaku became Zero, as a symbol of Justice, never to live again as Suzaku Kururugi, while Lelouch became the Britannian Emperor, and gave his life in the process of changing the system from within. Prince Clovis became viceroy of Area 11 in order to make it peaceful for his deceased brother, Lelouch. And Lelouch is the one who assassinates him for it. Though he remedies it in the second season.

Red Ribbon Army arc, the commander of the Red Ribbon Army wants to obtain all seven Dragonballs so he can make a wish to be taller, sacrificing hundreds of his men to do so. In retaliation, his second in command shoots him.

The Wicked Plot of Sue Manchu (1997)

In Dragon Ball Online , which takes place over years after that event, it is revealed that Dr. As a result, he now stands at least twice as tall as the player character.

Before then, Goku was only interested in the 4-star ball. Both are aliens who have long forgotten their real names and were sent to Earth to save their lives. The big twist, Goku came from a race of ruthless warriors who were also planet destroyers. Piccolo, or more correctly the Nameless Namek, came from a peaceful, benevolent race.

After becoming infected by humanity Goku became a good person while Piccolo became corrupted. In another world and time, Goku would have been the conqueror and Piccolo would have been the savior.

In the manga, Piccolo toyed with the idea of corrupting Gohan and turning him against his father. Frieza wiped out all the Saiyans because he was afraid that he will be beaten by a Super Saiyan. The "Episode of Bardock" special reveals that Bardock was sent back to the past and became the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Meaning that Frieza was responsible for creating the very legend upon which he destroyed the Saiyan race for, and eventually his own death.

In Dragon Ball Minus it is revealed that Frieza recalled all the Saiyans to their home planet so he could kill them all at once. This clued Bardock in that something was wrong and sent Goku into space to space. Afterwards, Trunks tries Hulking Out to take on Cell, only to discover that his increased muscle mass made him too slow to actually keep up with Cell, a realization that Cell quickly mocks him for.

Furthermore, during his Villainous Breakdown , Cell tries Hulking Out himself to beat Gohan, only to be too slow to actually do so; in this case, Trunks even flat-out states that Cell is making the exact same mistake that he had previously mocked Trunks for.

Few characters in the series have never been killed. The one who was never killed that was featured the most prominently was Hercule, who also happened to be the weakest of all the characters to never be killed.

In almost any match they fought is either interrupted or have Vegeta gain the upper hand. So the only reason Vegeta actually wants to be better is simply wounded pride that Goku could suddenly become better than him. Of whom Mard Geer E. The only one even aware of the irony of the situation is Zeref himself.

For further irony, a lot of things Zeref was responsible for were the results of his plan to defeat Acnologia. In Fullmetal Alchemist , Truth appears to like irony. Edward wants to support his family, so Truth takes his leg. Izumi wants to have a child, so Truth takes away her fertility. Mustang has a vision for the country, and Truth takes away his eyesight.

In Full Metal Panic! Iron, a metal that is, in fact, not able to amalgamate with mercury at all. It is, however, very resilient and highly magnetic. Draw the parallels as you see fit It is mentioned in the later novels that Gauron had been given this name as a petty little in-joke, meant to set him apart as "not really one of us".

The consequences of his betrayal are still being felt a couple of novels later. Not one of us, indeed. Yet more irony that involves Gauron: And it was Love at First Sight for the crazy guy, resulting in his attempt at picking the boy up and taking him to his camp , which was rejected.

Miaka of Fushigi Yuugi is not fond of books very much. And then she ends up in one. In Hayate the Combat Butler , Hayate does not believe any girl could ever like him.

Maria contemplates this afterward and realizes that the only man she can get and is interested in is Hayate. Too bad her Ojou is also interested in him Kazune has the power of the sun god Apollo, but he sunburns easily.

Ryuko is that sister. Their father secretly saved her, then faked his death and took on a new identity to raise her. Fate spent most of the first season as a criminal being pursued by the TSAB due to her attempts to earn the love of her psychic mother. In the original Triangle Heart 3: The Wolkenritter were the ones who gave Hayate the will to live, yet they were -through no fault of their own- the cause of her terminal illness.

To make it even more ironic, their plan to save her life would have killed everyone. Hayate spent a good chunk of her childhood as a friendless orphan, yet she was at her absolute loneliest while literally surrounded by friends and family.