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Date: 05.08.2017

A Return to Boobsville.com (2001)

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Tracy Lynn Spindola Also known as: Before that she worked as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer - teaching over 35 aerobic classes a day at one point. She has been favorited times by our members, and received a rating of 4.

Content containing this star was watched 41, times, with more than 2. I was born in the Sunny State of California, where I spent a majority of my life and currently live. I guess I was a pretty normal teenager no self confidence I was always a HUGE animal lover and had lots of horses, dogs, cats and any other animal I could sneak into the family!

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I taught everything from aqua aerobics to Hatha Yoga and free weights. Her first strip club She ever worked in was the first strip club She had ever been into.

She obviously got over the shock though! Then she continued dancing as a house dancer for approx. Her modeling and R-Rated career began approx. She honestly never thought anyone would want to shoot pictures of her!

Her self confidence level was still at its lowest. But was wrong and within a week, had shot for the cover and centerfold of some of the top Busty magazines on the shelves. For over 2 years, she only did R-Rated work including magazines, videos and television. It was in that time, that she was introduced to feature dancing and was encouraged to give it a try.

That is when her career as a feature entertainer took off. In an e-mail to AVN. I have not decided on going with a agent as of yet. Fey starred in Double Feature!

Fey went on to say, "Also, a follow-up on the recent lawsuit concerning Mr. Fisher suing me for squeezing his head between my legs. I believe all the attention he got from the news stations trying to follow-up on the story may have him at bay for the time being.

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I have not heard any new news on the subject. Jonathan Fisher claimed Sana Fey had invited him onstage during her routine and put his head in the leg lock. His suit said she should have known "the pressure and force" of the leg lock could damage his inner ear, which he says causes him ringing in the ears. Being born in the sunny state of California, a born sun lover!!!

My best friend was a girl the same age as me, and of course my dog, Mopsey! I have always been a big animal lover I took up ballet dancing at the age of 3 years old, which I feel has led me to be a very good dancer now!!! I kept it up for many years. I was always a true tomboy, all but one of my friends were always boys!!! I lived about three miles from the ocean; my love for the ocean began there!!!

I love to look for sea shells I moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado when I was only 8yrs old, for a few years. I learned how to snow ski there, horse back ride, and fish. I was definitely a tomboy! I again only befriended boys, except for my one friend for life I continued ballet dancing there, and began dancing with the Colorado State Ballet. I spent some wonderful years there before moving back to California.

To this day I still cannot give up that ocean! Below, you will find a picture of me when I lived in Colorado I was approximately 8 years old here. I sure was cute huh!!! Anyhow, I went to Catholic school ha-ha After I graduated, I started my first job as a aerobics instructor and personal trainer.

Can you believe I use to teach around 35 aerobics classes a week! Plus work 40 hrs as a personal trainer! Now you can see were I get those trim legs from huh! Anyone need any personal training??? My dancing career began a few years back when I absolutely ran out of cash. The first time I went into any sort of topless bar was the day I went in to apply. I never thought anyone would hire me; I had very little self confidence.

Anyhow, the manager got me really drunk and put me up on stage.

I had a granny bra on, neon green bathing suit bottoms and black panty hose. The only reason they did hire me is because of the fact I was a great dancer.

I think back on the changes I went through as I first started dancing and it shocks me on how much I have changed! You are probably wondering how I ever got into the modeling side of things. I was in front of that same bar that I started dancing in, this time partying with friends, a a local producer approached me. He referred me to a agent in Los Angeles, CA and said that he would love me.

I went ahead and called thinking it was all a scam, I mean, who would really want to take pictures of me?!??! What am I doing now? I bet your all curious what I would be going back to school for. Well, I did graduate from school with a 4. I absolutely live to learn and have decided to get back in the classroom. I honestly have two goals in mind there, one is photography and the other is computers.

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I absolutely love nature and would love to travel all over the world and photograph not only nature but beautiful erotic, nude photography. I personally find nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous nude woman posing in front of a unbelievable natural backdrop.

I am probably the most typical Gemini you would ever meet. I fit the definition to the T. California native Sana Fey is one sexy lady who knows how to show off her best attributes.

From her appearances in magazines to XXX videos, this all natural sex vixen has got it all! Whether she is on stage or in a video feature, her spunky personality and zest for perfection show through. Buck, a dedicated fan, says: Sana Fey, although she describes herself as a true tomboy at heart, has been dancing since the young age of 3 when she first took up ballet. After graduating college, she worked as an aerobics instructor as well as a personal trainer.

Her career in adult entertainment however began in a sort of desperation, as she found herself strapped for cash and decided to try her luck at the strip clubs in California. She was a sizzling success, to say the least, and soon found herself in LA shooting pictures for top modeling agents.

Her career took off instantly, and today she spends most of her time dancing and shooting hot, steamy sex videos for her adoring fans. Her future plans include returning to college, as she did graduate from high school with a 4.

Although once very shy and unsure of both her looks and her talent, Sana Fey has come a long way. Fortunately for her fans, her future plans consist of going further and further.

Sana Fey has been easing her way into porn for the past few years, starting out in a few softcore big-boob tapes. But she decided to take the hardcore plunge in , and began popping up in several vids for Elegant Angel.

Sana Fey plans to use the money she earns in the flesh biz to go back to school to study photography. Sana Fey would like to spend her post-porn days as a travel photographer. A body like hers is always welcome in this business.