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Date: 07.11.2017

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Cardinals without chests Louie: January 25, In other words, the roller coaster ride continues… Last October, Cardinal Burke, while speaking at a conference for the umpteenth time since making public the now infamous Dubia… , painstakingly described for his audience what an apostate looks like.

Seriously, His Eminence made it perfectly plain without actually saying so; i. If you still want to read the entire thing for yourself, feel free. Cardinal Burke admits that the Dubia doubts is as relevant as ever, saying: Instead, Cardinal Burke replied: Lewis or as I would prefer to say, men without… oh, never mind.

You see, Burke fully realizes that a grave danger is threatening to destroy his family, and, furthermore, he has no doubt about who is driving that threat. According to Cardinal Burke, we now have but one choice: The only thing we can do in terms of Amoris laetitia is to read it in the perspective of the constant teaching and practice of the Church, and that means that there cannot be what some have called a revolution in the Catholic Church.

The early years of the Les Paul legacy, 1915-1963 (Book, 2008) []

What is different with Amoris laetitia [as compared to Familiaris consortio] that creates the concern and the confusion — or is it not necessarily with Amoris laetitia, but with its implementation? Well, on the one hand it is an interpretative problem. On the other hand, it certainly is a problem of application. You get the gist of this laughable exchange.

One of the biggest failings of prelates like Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider apart from lacking a passion for fiercely protecting their own as all good fathers must is that they are approaching the problem of Amoris Laetitia and thus its author exactly backwards. They tend to focus largely on the so-called pastoral guidelines it inspired; claiming that they will lead to doctrinal errors, when in point of fact, the blasphemies and heresies contained in the text of Amoris Laetitia itself is what came first, thus giving rise to the abandonment of the bi-millennial practice of the Church.

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The reason why men like Cardinal Burke cannot muster up the gumption to condemn error is simple; they are men-of-the-council — the same that summarily rejected the duty to condemn in favor of dialogue. There are people who have been heard and who have found their way to significant public airing of their opinions on this question, who have attempted, anyway, to make the Holy Father himself either a willing or an unwilling participant in this.

I would like you to have the chance to speak to that. I might add that Francis is one of those people, and furthermore, his attempts have been crystal clear and rather successful!

Peas in a pusillanimous pod, these two. Burke left the faithful with the following advice: Therefore, I would simply urge fellow Catholics — even as I am trying to do myself — to respond to the situation by fidelity to what the Church has always taught and practiced — and that is not a mystery to us: In his first interview with his mini-me, Altieri, back in April , Cardinal Burke said: This tells us everything we need to know about Raymond Cardinal Burke: As such, barring conversion, he will never manage to confront the Bergoglian menace in any meaningful way, and it is for this very same reason that he will never contribute to spreading the authentic message of Fatima.