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Date: 28.12.2017

The Only Thing Sure (2007)

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Characters[ edit ] James "Jimmy" Donnelly Tom Guiry — The oldest of 4 brothers, Jimmy is a troublemaker and drug user, often involved in criminal activity, and known for making stupid decisions. He walks with a permanent limp, incurred when a speeding, runaway car crushed his leg, when he was young. Jimmy does not know who was driving the car; only Joey Ice Cream and Tommy know that it was actually little Tommy.

Jimmy believes he should be the leader of the Donnelly brothers, but his constant temper flare-ups cause people to believe him incapable of leadership, so they follow Tommy. This constant battle for being in charge causes friction between the two brothers throughout the season. He promised God that if Jimmy walked again, he, Tommy, would take care of him thereafter.

Tommy wants to become an artist, and has been going to art school. Huey Farrell, the boss of the Irish Mob , had been paying for his tuition. Tommy is in love with Jenny Reilly, a childhood friend with whom he has a complicated and strained relationship.

He struggles between taking care of his family and doing what he wants. He is a gambler whose gut instincts are extremely lucky.

The Black Donnellys: Season 1 Episode 7 - The Only Thing Sure

The problem is, he never follows his gut. He doubts every bet that he makes, and therefore loses every bet except one: The horse won, and as it was the last thing his father did with him, it caused Kevin to believe he is lucky.

His gambling debt to Louie Downtown created the chain of events that lead to the season finale. Kevin is often caught between helping Tommy and Jimmy.

He is very loyal to his brothers and is much more of a follower than a leader. Sean "Seanny" Donnelly Michael Stahl-David — Seanny is the youngest of the brothers and is noted for his popularity with women. Sean would like to help his brothers with "business", but they try to keep him out of the loop to keep him safe. He and Huey were the bosses of the Irish neighborhood when the Donnelly brothers were kids, though Bobby was the head of the union local, a position that earned significant respect for himself and his family.

Kate Mulgrew as Helen Donnelly. She watches out the most for young Sean, but she fiercely defends all her sons and turns a blind eye to their acts of revenge.

"The Black Donnellys" The Only Thing Sure (TV Episode 2007) - Quotes - IMDb

While the boys feel she needs protecting, she gives hints of being much more capable and streetwise than they would ever guess. He is typically willing to help them out in their times of need. Something of a Scheherezade figure, he is a classic example of an unreliable narrator, revising his story frequently when called on iffy details.

She and Tommy have a complicated and strained relationship. Jenny married a schoolteacher who, unbeknownst to her, stole from drug dealers to pay his student loans and ended up stuffed in an oil drum. No one has the heart to tell Jenny.

Nicky Cottero Kirk Acevedo — Nicky is an Italian gangster currently attempting to take over the area formerly controlled by his mentor, Sal. He befriends the Donnellys to try to take down both Dokey and Alo.

He wants more than anything to gain the prestige and respect his brother had, but has trouble putting up with the aggression of the Italians and the wayward ways of the Donnellys. He was killed in the pilot episode. Louie is kidnapped by Jimmy, Kevin, and Sean because Kevin owes him money. They hold Louie for ransom to the Italians, but when the Italians discover the Donnelly brothers are behind the kidnapping, Nicky Cottero severely beats Sean.

In response to the attack, Jimmy shoots Louie to death. She seems to want a better life for herself and Jimmy but frequently backslides. She cheats on Jimmy with Whitey. When Jimmy finds out, he kills Whitey.

She met Sean while selling him and Jimmy a jukebox for The Firecracker. She is helping Sean study for his GED.

Jimmy stabs him to death after discovering Whitey has been sleeping with Joanie and out of fear that he may have given up information to the police or Dokey. He frequently "solves" his problems with a grill iron.

The Black Donnellys Season 1 Episode 7 | The Only Thing Sure

Jimmy owes him money through Whitey. He is originally from the neighborhood and was cozy with Huey and Bobby Donnelly back in the day. He arrests Jimmy for armed robbery in the pilot episode and is tasked with the Huey-Sal homicide case in the following episode.

Unlike his colleague, Det.