Mexicana (1935)

Charles Lindbergh piloted the first flight on this route. Mexicana became the first foreign airline ever to fly to Los Angeles, when it began flights on January 3, One of the Fokker F. Service to San Antonio, Texas began later in the decade. Despite its use of advanced aircraft, competition was stiff, and by the late s, the company faced bankruptcy.

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Die neue Hose (1973)

Tschichold was the son of a provincial signwriter , and he was trained in calligraphy. In , he began in the class of Hermann Delitzsch a study on the "Leipzig Academy of the arts". Due to his extraordinary achievements, he soon became a master pupil of the rector of Walter Tiemann — a font designer for the Gebr.

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Argentina, Las calles de Ushuaia (2008)

Si bien era un vuelo de cabotaje salimos desde el aeropuerto internacional de nuestro pais. El vuelo toma 2. Pato, Esteban y Cecilia. Con Pato habiamos llegado hasta el Calafate en otro viaje que sera motivo de otro post y nos quedaba pendiente Ushuaia.

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The Dreaming Place (1999)

You can continue contact with the dead through your dreams There is yet another level connected with dreams about people we have known in life. This next dream and exploration of the dream shows how we can continue contact with the dead. Today my 13 year old daughter told me she had a dream last night. She said she was looking in a mirror and saw her brother. She said at first it scared her then she was okay.

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Millennium Bug (1998)

Background[ edit ] Y2K is a numeronym and was the common abbreviation for the year software problem. The abbreviation combines the letter Y for "year", and k for the SI unit prefix kilo meaning ; hence, 2K signifies It was also named the "Millennium Bug" because it was associated with the popular rather than literal roll-over of the millennium , even though most of the problems could have occurred at the end of any ordinary century. There were other contenders. Y2K just came off my fingertips.

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Serenade in Swing (1942)

Moonlight Serenade[ edit ] Glenn Miller composed the music to Moonlight Serenade in , with official lyrics added later by Mitchell Parish after two other sets of lyrics were written. The record eventually made the Top Ten charts, reaching number three on Billboard where it stayed for fifteen weeks and was the number five record of in the year-end chart of the top records of compiled by Billboard. The recording reached number twelve in the UK in March, , staying on the chart for one week. The band continued to record in and The title of the composition derives from the apartment number. We all moved into that, practically the whole band.

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The Leader of His Flock (1913)

He was guided by the desire to protect his flock from the blandishments of the outside world, but declined to oppose those parts of his community who began to engage with the demands of the state by entering the workforce, higher education and army. Be the first to know - Join our Facebook page. It is for this position that he will be remembered, and although he strongly discouraged such trends, he did not seek to hold them back, thereby allowing them to develop and take root, and come to a certain accommodation with the needs of the modern State of Israel.

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The Peppered Moth (2003)

Hooper has noted that the number of recaptures increased sharply on 1 July, the same day that E. Ford sent a letter to Kettlewell. The letter is unremarkable, and two facts militate against a finding of fraud. First, Kettlewell finished collecting data in the wee hours of the morning and therefore could not have received the letter before collecting his data on 1 July. He markedly increased the number of moths he released on 30 June, the day before the letter was mailed, not 1 July.

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The Guilty Party (2003)

The restaurant fires Jamal, one of its African American drivers, for failing to remain clean shaven. The severity of the condition varies, but many of those who suffer from PFB effectively cannot shave at all. If Jamal or EEOC were to challenge the no-beard policy as unlawful because it has a significant negative impact on Blacks, the employer would have to prove the policy is job-related and consistent with business necessity. Accordingly, Title VII forbids not only recruitment practices that purposefully discriminate on the basis of race but also practices that disproportionately limit employment opportunities based on race and are not related to job requirements or business needs.

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Mesmas AngĂşstias (2002)

Vila de Orta in Since , the island and parish had been under the administration of Josse van Huerter , a Flemish leader during the early colonization of the island of Faial. The settlement and growth of the village of Orta later Horta was concentrated in two nuclei: Our Lady of Anguish. Porto Pim, a sheltered bay between Monte Escuro and Monte da Guia, became a natural refuge for the first colonists, where they could easily load and unload cargo and supplies. Along the southern coast, the area of Pasteleiro, became the site of the first commercial businesses associated with the pastel or woad industry first started by van Huerter.

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Gorgonas (2004)

Fortin uses grainy super 8mm for the home movie footage actual home movies from family and friends , crisp, solarized digital video for the hospital scenes, and 16mm for the scenes in the editing room and, I think, the final scene in the recovery room. An example is the cut from the editor making a physical splice to a quick insert of a forearm bearing a razor cut scar situating the whole film within the idea of death, suicide and life memories. For example, a shot of the editor pushing a strip of film into a drain pipe is intercut with fluid flowing through a tube attached to the patient. This paralleling between the practise of editing and of hospital procedure continues during the film. Is she in a coma; is she brain dead.

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You Take Ballistics (1957)

Various sources suggest that Remington engineers were interested in creating a high powered 7mm cartridge for several years before reaching their long term goal. The resulting cartridge was based on the. Although the 7mm wildcat had been in existence for quite some time, the commercial version differed in that the shoulder was set slightly further forwards than the famous.

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Eine kleine Nachtmusik (1992)

Literatur zum Kontext des "Simplicissimus" - Auswahlbibliographie 1. One hundred caricatures from Simplicissimus , selected and commentated by Fritz Arnold. Wanderausstellung des Goethe-Instituts Albert Langens Verlagskatalog Illustrationen von Olaf Gulbransson und Th. Kunstverein Ausstellungskatalog Th. Kunsthalle Ausstellungskatalog Rudolf Wilke The University of Iowa Museum of Art.

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SuicideGirls: Italian Villa (2006)

Pin-up — A pin-up model is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. Pin-ups are intended for display, i. Pin-up models may be glamour models, fashion models, or actors and these pictures are also sometimes known as cheesecake photos.

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Starter for 10 (2006)

Plot[ edit ] In , Brian Jackson is a first-year university student and information sponge. Since his working-class childhood in Southend-on-Sea , Brian has loved the TV quiz show University Challenge , whose famous catchphrase—"Your starter for 10"—gives the film its title. Soon after arriving at Bristol University , Brian attends a party where he meets the politically conscious Rebecca, with whom he seems to have an instant connection. Brian attempts to join their University Challenge team but narrowly fails to secure a spot when he helps another potential candidate, Alice, cheat on the qualifying test. Brian falls for the glamorous Alice and tries to date her, despite her multiple signals that she only sees him as a platonic friend.

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