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FF Moeve (2004)

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Any father they might have had is unknown. Born from eggs laid by Uma prior to her death, they inherited her fixation on the Sword of Acorns, her loyalty towards Ixis Naugus, and her ninjitsu skills through genetic memory. Initially, they did battle with the Knothole Freedom Fighters in an effort to claim the Sword of Acorns, only to be entrusted with it by Princess Sally Acorn.

A year or so later, they used it to free Ixis Naugus from the Zone of Silence, and briefly served under him and then Mammoth Mogul before being captured by Dr. Eggman and imprisoned in the Egg Grape Chamber, where they died as a result of their life force being drained. Arakkis Arakkis was a holy man among the people of Echidnaopolis when the Echidnas still lived on the surface of Downunda.

When the White Comet was approaching Mobius years ago, Arakkis openly objected to the plan to raise the city and the surrounding landmass skyward to avoid the impact. He felt it was unnatural for Echidnas to live among the clouds and that they should find a new place to live on the surface where they belonged. Arakkis did not give up, and then counter-proposed the idea to allow him and any others who believed as he did to leave the city of their own volition and resettle elsewhere.

Once everyone who wanted to stay land-bound was gathered and evacuated, Echidnaopolis rose up out of the ground, just before the comet struck its former resting site, effectively severing their ties to their air-borne cousins and any lingering regrets about their decision. Arakkis started out leading these people in a nomadic manner as they had to constantly move from region to region due to either hostilities from the indigenous people or a lack of natural resources to support a prolonged stay.

After their transports and technology broke down and the Lost Tribe became more agrarian-like nomads, Arakkis was approached one night by the Ancient Walkers. They chose him to be their spiritual representative and begin the journey of leading the Tribe to Albion, the ancestral homeland of all Echidnas. The latest in a long line of fire ants, he is the descendant of Christopheles, son of Semper Infidelis, grandson of Deo Volente, mentor and friend to Edmund and Steppenwolf, the original Guardians.

Archimedes, like his ancestors and the Guardians, is long-lived, having served as mentor to Knuckles and his father Locke, among others. Archimedes is also one of the few residents of Mobius proper in constant communication with the Brotherhood of Guardians. He has dark red skin, blue eyes and wears bone necklace, cowboy hat, brown vest and brown boots. He dislikes being eaten and is able to breathe fire through his mouth and disappear and reappear ala teleportation.

Archimedes first appeared when Knuckles and the Chaotix were investigating the Grand Conservatory. Testing their skills, Archimedes proved quite an aggravation-as well as an asset-with his fire-breathing, teleportation, and survival skills. Cast out into the desert of Sandopolis, he teamed with Knuckles to get back to the Conservatory and beat Enerjak.

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Ever since then, he has been a friend and mentor to Knuckles and the Chaotix. His focus has traditionally been on Knuckles, particularly in helping him come to terms with how he feels about his role as a Guardian.

Unfortunately, Archimedes also seems to have no problem letting Knuckles suffer in order to achieve what he feels should be achieved. Afterwards, Archy remained on Angel Island while Knuckles returned to the surface, helping out the Angel Island resistance as best he could. Regardless, he joined Sonic, Julie-Su, and Locke in fighting the Destructix in order to reach a weapon intended to destroy Enerjak, but like Sonic and Julie had no intention of allowing Locke to use it on Knuckles.

Locke took the role instead, and Archy used his teleportation abilities to take Dr. Finitevus away long enough for Locke to do what he needed to. To his friends, Archimedes goes by the nickname Archy pronounced ar-kee. Archy is a respected member of the Fire Ant Council, the ruling body of his race, and is the only known member to have escaped being transported to the Egg Grape Chamber by Dr.

Versed in magical lore, Archimedes is master of smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand, allowing him to fool even the most clever of enemies. Like all members of his species, he can also breath fire, allowing him to take on opponents several times his size.

Archy can teleport from place to place in a puff of smoke, though in order to do so for others he must be in physical contact with them, and he can also communicate telepathically with other Mobians. He also speaks with an Australian accent.

Argus Argus is the supposed entity that is believed to have been responsible for the Argus event, in which the Nocturnus Tribe of Echidnas were transported en masse into the Twilight Cage. During this event, all of the echidnas reported hearing a voice in their heads that said something like "Argus". He then went into hiding.

He reappeared on the way to meet the Queen when he was captured by Sleet and Dingo and roboticized. Like his father, he wears a set of headphones, but his come equipped with antenna. Argyle seems to be somewhat attracted to Lara-Su, and came to her Unveiling.

He is quite shy. He has green shell, blue eyes and yellow stomach and wears an ammo belt. Sadly, the General was called away by duty, and disappeared, presumed to be dead. Sonic engaged the General in a failed attempt to jar his memory. Unaffected, Armand drove Sonic and co. He reunited with his son Antoine, returning to his old home.

However, one obstacle had to be overcome for the memory of the High Sheriff to be put to rest: Unaware that the General did not remember his deeds as the High Sheriff, Rob remained in Knothole for some time, to see if his old enemy had really changed.

The General proved true, and Rob even departed on good terms with him. He returned to duty in the army, but was forced to give up fighting due to poor health after being poisoned by Patch. He eventually passed away, but not before saying goodbye to Antoine and his girlfriend Bunnie Rabbot, voicing his approval of their relationship and imploring them to cherish it. Armand had been a widower for quite some time the exact number of years is not given, but Antoine seems to have little if any memory of his mom and expressed faith that he would reunited with her in the afterlife.

Though he was fearsome in battle, Antoine described his father as "the kindest soul who ever lived". Armand has brown fur and wears Acorn Kingdom Army uniform. He stands 80 cm tall. He is the first competitor in the game Dr. Arrakis Arrakis was an echidna. Unlike Jordann and Kayla-La the great-great-grandparents of Dimitri and Edmund , Arrakis felt that the best way to avoid the White Comet a large astrological body that threatened to destroy them was to abandon Echidnaopolis and find a new home on Mobius.

Arrakis died centuries before the tribe found Albion, and the tribe itself was all but forgotten by the people of Echidnaopolis. In the present day, however, the Ancient Walkers chose Athair to replace Arrakis, and after many years he chose Knuckles to take his place. Arthur became experienced and learned of combat and took part in many battles, proving himself to be an expert swordsman, but became increasingly distant from his feelings as he killed an increasing number of Overlanders without restraint or remorse.

While Arthur was alone in the forest, he saw another mongoose, Isabella, being chased by several Overlander soldiers. Strangely drawn to her, Arthur leaped down from his tree and killed the Overlanders before they could ready their weapons. Instead of going back to his lonely life, Arthur chose to stay with Isabella, and later down the road Arthur and Isabella fell in love with each other, and then married and in , had a daughter they named Mina.

Arthur died in combat with the Overlanders, however, leaving his family behind. The latter explains that the renowned scientist, professor Gerald Robotnik, had built them as experiments, and based them on "a god of an ancient culture", although he cannot have had access to Chaos itself when he created them.

After being created, the experiments went out of control and started attacking anyone in sight. In Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow himself appears to have a flashback to his time on the ARK, during the time when the Artificial Chaos went out of control. In the flashback stage, the player can choose to find and destroy them all, or simply stay away to make sure the professor is safe. In any case, the experiments were subdued, and it seems they were perfected as they appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, where they protected the Space Colony ARK.

They also appear in the "Cosmic Fall" level attacking G. They exist in two different versions; P-1 and P P-1s fight by stabbing their enemies with quick, extremely accurate tentacles of water, or by firing lasers from their green eyes. P Artificial Chaos can split their liquid bodies into dozens of small blue drones known as Cells that are controlled by the floating robotic head, but are not armed with lasers. These drones constantly edge their way toward the player and explode on contact.

If the player attacks them, they do explode also causing the Cells around them to explode but they do not hurt the player. After releasing its Cells, the Artificial Chaos head simply floats, defenseless, in midair until it is destroyed. Some Artificial Chaos seem to lack any intelligence or aiming abilities at all, and simply spin around, shooting lasers in random directions.

In the original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, their liquid bodies had a transparent effect.

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In the GameCube version, the transparency effect removed, making them appear to have a more "solid" appearance. The Artificial Chaos experiments in Shadow the Hedgehog are more similar to their Dreamcast counterparts. He has yellow fur, black hair and dark blue eyes.

He wears red jacket, black boots, red sunglasses, blue pants and black shirt with emoticon. Ash is very competitive with Sonic, partially because Mina told him about her crush on Sonic and how she was hurt when she saw Sally and Sonic kissing, Ash appears to be cold, but Mina really does bring out a warmer side to him. He was initially going to wear tattoos, each tattoo symbolizing something special to him one would probably be dedicated to Mina as well , however the idea of giving him a tattoo could be seen as a bit mature so the idea was slated.

He was born in around the year and is 19 years old - purposely designed to be a much older love interest for Mina. After Heavy had been defeated, only one bomb remained.

Ash and Mina found it in her dressing room, and Ash risked his life by grabbing it and diving out the door. Ash was injured, and seemingly comatose. They come in many different varieties, the most famous of which are the SWATbots.

Athair the Echidna Athair is a fictional character from the fictional universes of the comic books and TV series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games. He is the great-grandfather of Knuckles the Echidna, and is approximately years old. In the comic universe he has brown fur; the cartoon in which he appeared depicted him with red. In the Archie-published Sonic the Hedgehog comics, Athair has had two wardrobes. One is a somewhat tattered tribal outfit, complete with a walking stick; the other is a plain white robe.

In either form of attire, he wears the spiked mittens of the Guardian family and a pair of sandals. His only other decoration are the beads that have been looped over his dreadlocks. Following his assumption of the white robe, he appears to Sonic and co. In the cartoon series Sonic Underground, in which he was voiced by Maurice LaMarche who affected a Sean Connery-style accent for the role , Athair is dressed in a white and blue robe, and also carries a staff, far more regal that his usual walking stick.