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Mesmas Angústias (2002)

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Vila de Orta in Since , the island and parish had been under the administration of Josse van Huerter , a Flemish leader during the early colonization of the island of Faial. The settlement and growth of the village of Orta later Horta was concentrated in two nuclei: Our Lady of Anguish. Porto Pim, a sheltered bay between Monte Escuro and Monte da Guia, became a natural refuge for the first colonists, where they could easily load and unload cargo and supplies.

Along the southern coast, the area of Pasteleiro, became the site of the first commercial businesses associated with the pastel or woad industry first started by van Huerter.

On the western edge of Horta Bay, the first homes were constructed, around the small chapel of Santa Cruz where Josse van Huerter and his wife, Beatriz de Macedo, were buried. Unfortunately, these fortifications, the convents and many of the churches, were sacked by English privateers in and , and the buildings burned to the ground.

Forte de Nossa Senhora da Guia. It was sacked and set ablaze in by English privateers , later destroyed during a storm, after being re-constructed in A third convent and church was re-constructed in on higher ground and farther away from the coast.

On 4 May , a violent fire completely destroyed the convent: By October 20, the commercial port was constructed; it became an important trans-Atlantic point, as an Allied port during both World Wars, a stopover for hydroplanes crossing the Atlantic and way-point for Dutch Atlantic tugboats.

In the early years, the dock came to supplement, then supplant, the harbor of Porto Pim for whaling vessels involved in the North Atlantic whale hunt. A new marina was eventually inaugurated June 3, to handle the annual growth in yachts and pleasure craft to the region.

Physical geography[ edit ] Overlapping mountains: The parish encompasses an area that extends from the civil parish of Feteiras along the southern coast of Faial, to the port area of the city of Horta. It is fronted on the north by the civil parish of Matriz and Flamengos , while completely surrounded on all other borders by the Atlantic Ocean. The parish is part of the Horta-Flamengos-Feteira geomorphological zone referred to as the Horta Platform localized along the southeast portion of the island, and characterized by a low altitude, smooth relief created from several lava flow covers.

Nature Reserve of the Caldeirinhas Portuguese: Reserva Natural das Caldeirinhas , totally surrounded by the Monte da Guia landscape, the special nature reserve of Caldeirinhas refers to the internal crater open to the southern ocean at the base of Monte da Guia; Protected Area for the Management of Resources of the Faial-Pico Channel Portuguese: The hilltop is the highest elevation in the parish, with views to the urbanized area of Horta. The area includes several pasture-lands but is generally urbanized, with an industrial area located in the west along an ancillary branch of the Regional E.

Mesmas Angústias (豆瓣)

Along with the main Regional E. It also includes historical portions of the village of Orta, including the main commercial and residential buildings that formed the community in the late 19th century. Economy[ edit ] While the western part of the parish is utilized as pasturelands, or for cultivation, the urbanized nature of the eastern part has concentrated on tertiary and municipal services.

Civic[ edit ] Captaincy of the Port of Horta Portuguese: It was constructed as part of coastal defenses to defend the entrance to the harbour and southern access to the Bay from pirate and privateer attacks, along with its sister forts Fort of Bom Jesus and Fort of Nossa Senhora da Guia.

From he was the parish priest, celebrating in his 60 years as priest of the parish.

His contributions to the parish, include: Academy of Maria of the Azores in Retrieved 16 April Archived from the original on 17 April