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Travelin Man (1987)

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At age five he moved with his family to Ann Arbor. He has an older brother, George. He ran track and field in high school. Seger also went to Lincoln Park High School for a year. Little Richard and, of course, Elvis Presley.

The band included Seger on guitar, piano, keyboards, and vocals, Pete Stanger on guitar, and H. All of the members attended Ann Arbor High. The Town Criers, covering songs like " Louie Louie ", began gaining a steady following.

Meanwhile, Seger was listening to James Brown and said that, for him and his friends, Live at the Apollo was their favorite record following its release in Seger was also widely influenced by the music of The Beatles , once they hit American shores in Soon after its release, Sadler and his record label threatened Brown and his band with a lawsuit and the recording was withdrawn from the market. Seger began writing and producing for other acts that Punch was managing, such as the Mama Cats and the Mushrooms with Frey.

Seger and Doug Brown were then approached by Punch and Leone to write a song for the Underdogs, another local band who recently had a hit with a song called "Man in the Glass".

Seger contributed a song called " East Side Story ", which ultimately proved to be a failure for the Underdogs. Following "East Side Story", the group released four more singles: It was actually a top hit in Canada, where it topped out on the national RPM charts at 82; in the US, it just missed the Hot , peaking on the "bubbling under" chart at Seger felt that Capitol was more appropriate for his genre than Motown.

In the transition between labels, guitarist Carl Lagassa left the band and keyboard player Bob Schultz joined.

The single was again a hit in Detroit and hit number 1 on radio stations in Buffalo, New York and Orlando, Florida , [12] but went unnoticed almost everywhere else, and failed to chart nationally in the US. The single did, however, make the Canadian national charts, peaking at For the next album, singer-songwriter Tom Neme joined The System, ultimately writing and singing the majority of the tunes featured, for which the group was heavily criticized.

The album, called Noah , failed to chart at all, leading Seger to briefly quit the music industry and attend college. Bob Schultz left the band as well, being replaced by Dan Watson. Mongrel, with the powerful single " Lucifer ", was considered to be a strong album by many critics and Detroit fans, but failed to do well commercially. For a short period of time following the breakup, Seger had ambitions to be a one-man act.

The album reached on the Billboard Cale and Aretha Franklin. Over the tour, My Band would prove to be unreliable, which frustrated Seger. By the end of , Seger had left My Band in search of a new backing band.

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In , Seger formed the Silver Bullet Band. Its original members were guitarist Drew Abbott , drummer and backing vocalist Charlie Allen Martin, keyboardist and backing vocalist Rick Manasa, bass guitarist Chris Campbell, and saxophonist and backing vocalist Alto Reed.

With this new band sitting in occasionally, Seger released the album Seven , which contained the Detroit-area hard-rock hit "Get Out of Denver". This track was a modest success and charted at 80 nationally.

Although it just missed the US Pop Top 40 — peaking at 43 — the song received strong airplay in a number of markets nationwide including Detroit.

Critic Dave Marsh later wrote that "Live Bullet is one of the best live albums ever made In June , he was a featured performer at the Pontiac Silverdome outside Detroit in front of nearly 80, fans. The next night, Seger played before fewer than a thousand people in Chicago.

Ricky Nelson: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 1987 |

Seger finally achieved his commercial breakthrough with his October album Night Moves. The title song " Night Moves " was a highly evocative, nostalgic, time-spanning tale that was not only critically praised, [19] but became a 4 hit single on the Billboard pop singles chart as well as a heavy album-oriented rock airplay mainstay.

The album also featured the anthem "Rock and Roll Never Forgets". Indeed, Live Bullet stayed on the Billboard charts for weeks and it remains one of the ten best-selling live albums of all time. The following year, original Silver Bullet drummer Charlie Allen Martin was hit by a car from behind while walking on a service road, and was left unable to walk.

Jones III that Seger substantially rewrote the lyrics for, [10] [21] was not a big pop hit initially, but achieved substantial album track airplay. Seger has ruefully remarked that not taking one-third writing credit on his recording was "the dumbest thing I ever did" financially. Against the Wind would also win two Grammy Awards.

Seger released the acclaimed The Distance in the final days of This album was belatedly released on 8 track tape; Capitol reportedly had no plans to do so, but Seger, guessing that a good many of his fans still had 8 track players in their vehicles, prevailed upon the label to release the album in that discontinued format as well. In , Seger wrote and recorded the power rock ballad "Understanding" for the film soundtrack Teachers.

The song was another Top 20 hit for Seger in late Seger was no longer as prolific and several years elapsed before his next studio album, Like a Rock emerged in the spring of Later, it would become familiar to many Americans through its association with a long-running Chevrolet ad campaign something Seger explicitly chose to do to support struggling American automobile workers in Detroit.

Like a Rock reached 3 and eventually sold over 3 million copies although it has never been certified above platinum. Seger changed the verses of the song but kept the chorus the same. His new music found little visibility on radio or elsewhere. However, in , Seger released Greatest Hits ; the compilation album was his biggest-ever record in terms of sales, selling nearly 10 million copies in the United States as of Seger did go back on the road again for a tour, which was successful and sold the fourth-largest number of tickets of any North American tour that year.

Seger was once known for his concerts in small venues, as witnessed with his appearance at the 18th Amendment in Omaha, Nebraska. Seger took a sabbatical from the music business for about ten years to spend time with his wife and two young children. He subsequently sold the boat. In its first 45 days, it sold more than , copies. His supporting tour was also eagerly anticipated, with many shows selling out within minutes. In , Seger released a compilation album titled Early Seger Vol.

Seger staged a successful arena tour during , accompanied by the release of a two-CD compilation album, Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets. On October 30, , he told AnnArbor. Ride Out was accompanied by a highly successful arena tour of the United States and Canada. A few weeks later, on January 18, , Seger gave away the single "Glenn Song" on his website as a tribute marking the one year death of Eagles founding member Glenn Frey , with whom Seger was close friends.

This tour included a show on September 22, at The Palace of Auburn Hills Michigan , which was the last event to be held at that venue. Of the 32 scheduled tour dates, Seger could complete 13 and had to postpone Mayor Thomas Karnes called Seger the voice of the city for their generation. He had a long-term relationship with Jan Dinsdale from until In , he married actress Annette Sinclair and they divorced one year later.

He owns a condo in Naples, Florida. Politically, Seger has characterized himself as a centrist: He supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

Nobody gets a free pass on this one.