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Date: 23.12.2017

Un type bien (1991)

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Meteorological history[ edit ] Map plotting the track and intensity of the storm, according to the Saffir—Simpson scale The Perfect Storm originated from a cold front that exited the east coast of the United States. On October 28, the front spawned an extratropical low to the east of Nova Scotia. Around that time, a ridge extended from the Appalachian Mountains northeastward to Greenland, with a strong high pressure center over eastern Canada.

The blocking ridge forced the extratropical low to track toward the southeast and later to the west. Hurricane Grace was swept aloft by its cold front into the warm conveyor belt circulation of the deep cyclone on October The cyclone significantly strengthened as a result of the temperature contrast between the cold air to the northwest and the warmth and humidity from the remnants of Hurricane Grace. The low pressure system continued deepening as it drifted toward the United States.

The interaction between the extratropical storm and the high pressure system to its north created a significant pressure gradient, which created large waves and strong winds.

This became the highest recorded wave height on the Scotian Shelf , which is the oceanic shelf off the coast of Nova Scotia. The low moved over warm waters of the Gulf Stream , where bands of convection around the center began to organize.

On November 1, while the storm was moving in a counter-clockwise loop, a tropical cyclone had been identified at the center of the larger low. The hurricane accelerated toward the northeast and quickly weakened back into a tropical storm. It made landfall near Halifax, Nova Scotia, at While the storm was approaching the coast, weather radars depicted curved rainbands on the western side of the system.

In addition, a post-storm assessment found an insufficient number of observation sites along the coast. That same day, a coastal flood watch and later a warning was issued, along with a gale warning. The Hatteras NWS office ultimately released 19 coastal flood statements, as well as media reports explaining the threat from the wind and waves, and a state of emergency was declared for Dare County, North Carolina.

The unnamed hurricane was reported to have met all the criteria for a tropical cyclone, but it was purposefully left unnamed. It was the eighth nameable storm of the Atlantic hurricane season.

The total without power was much less than for Hurricane Bob two months prior, and was fairly low due to little rainfall and the general lack of leaves on trees. The vessel departed Gloucester, Massachusetts , for the waters off Nova Scotia. Andrea Gail sank while returning to Gloucester, her debris washing ashore over the subsequent weeks. The crew of six was presumed killed after a Coast Guard search was unable to find them.

It was weakening as it made its closest approach to land, and the highest tides occurred during the neap tide , which is the time when tide ranges are minimal. Two buoys near the Massachusetts coast observed record wave heights, and one observed a record wind report. After the helicopter had attempted a rescue in the midst of the storm, an person crew on the Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa arrived and rescued four members of the crew of five after six hours in hypothermic waters.

The fifth member, pararescue jumper Rick Smith, was never found. The storm produced heavy rainfall in southeastern Massachusetts, peaking at 5. Damage was worst from Cape Ann in northeastern Massachusetts to Nantucket, with over homes destroyed or severely damaged at Marshfield , North Beach , and Brant Point.

There were two injuries in the state, although there were no fatalities. Across Massachusetts, damage totaled in the hundreds of millions of dollars. A total of 49 houses were severely damaged, 2 were destroyed, [1] and overall more than were affected. Along the coast, damage was worse than that caused by Hurricane Bob two months prior. In neighboring New Hampshire, coastal flooding affected several towns, destroying two homes.

The storm destroyed three boats and damaged a lighthouse. Along the coast, the waves wrecked three small boats near Tiverton, Nova Scotia , as well as nine boats in Torbay, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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In Nova Scotia, where the storm made landfall, precipitation reached 1. There were at least 35 traffic accidents, one fatal, in Grand Falls-Windsor due to slick roads. Numerous boats were damaged or destroyed, killing two people off Staten Island. High winds swept a man off a bridge, killing him. In Sea Bright, New Jersey , waves washed over a seawall, forcing people to evacuate. Across the area, tide heights reached their highest since the hurricane, leaving severe coastal and back bay flooding and closing many roads.

The presence of a dune system mitigated the erosion in some areas.

[16] Un jour passé bien escoutoye. (Musical score, 1991) [windowsforum.info]

Tides in Ocean City, Maryland , reached a record height of 7. Later, the extratropical predecessor to the unnamed hurricane produced additional high waves, causing oceanfront flooding from Cape Hatteras through the northern portions of Currituck County.

Flooding was first reported on October 28, when the ocean covered a portion of North Carolina Highway 12 north of Rodanthe ; [16] the route is the primary thoroughfare in the Outer Banks. The resultant flooding damaged houses and 28 businesses and destroyed two motels and a few homes. There was minor beach erosion and flooding, which damaged two houses and destroyed the pier at Lake Worth. The waves swept a person off a large rock to his death.