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Date: 13.10.2017

Way of Khan (2005)

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Initial reports[ edit ] Initial reports suggested that a power surge on the Underground power grid had caused explosions in power circuits. This was later ruled out by power suppliers National Grid. Commentators suggested that the explanation had been made because of bomb damage to power lines along the tracks; the rapid series of power failures caused by the explosions or power being ended by means of switches at the locations to permit evacuation looked similar, from the point of view of a control room operator, to a cascading series of circuit breaker operations that would result from a major power surge.

A couple of hours after the bombings, Home Secretary Charles Clarke confirmed the incidents were terrorist attacks. Suspicious packages were destroyed in controlled explosions in Edinburgh , Brighton , Coventry , Southampton , Portsmouth , Darlington and Nottingham. Security across the country was increased to the highest alert level. The Times reported on 17 July that police sniper units were following as many as a dozen al-Qaeda suspects in Britain.

The covert armed teams were ordered to shoot to kill if surveillance suggested that a terror suspect was carrying a bomb and he refused to surrender if challenged.

Since the London bombs they have been deployed to look at certain people.

Other mobile phone networks also reported failures. The BBC speculated that the telephone system was shut down by security services to prevent the possibility of mobile phones being used to trigger bombs.

Although this option was considered, it became clear later that the intermittent unavailability of both mobile and landline telephone systems was due only to excessive usage. River vessels were pressed into service to provide a free alternative to overcrowded trains and buses. Local lifeboats were required to act as safety boats, including the Sheerness lifeboat from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

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Thousands of people chose to walk home or to the nearest Zone 2 bus or railway station. Most of the Underground, apart from the stations affected by the bombs, resumed service the next morning, though some commuters chose to stay at home.

Affected stretches were also closed for police investigations. Although the station reopened later during the day, only suburban rail services were able to use it, with Great North Eastern Railway trains terminating at Peterborough the service was fully restored on 9 July. All the damaged trains were basically removed in stages. The Piccadilly line service resumed on 4 August after the affected train was cleared on 16 July, and enhanced maintenance work was done.

On 4 August, Circle line was reopened again. Headlines outside Waterloo station There were limited reactions to the attack in the world economy as measured by financial market and exchange rate activity.

The value of the British pound decreased 0. By the time the market closed it had recovered to only US market indexes increased slightly, partly because the dollar index increased sharply against the pound and the euro. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained Every benchmark value gained 0.

By end of trading the market had recovered fully to above its level at start of trading on 7 July.

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Pool Re has substantial reserves and newspaper reports indicated that claims would easily be funded. On 9 July, the Bank of England , HM Treasury and the Financial Services Authority revealed that they had instigated contingency plans immediately after the attacks to ensure that the UK financial markets could keep trading.

Sky News did not broadcast any advertisements for 24 hours. ITN confirmed later that its coverage on ITV1 was its longest uninterrupted on-air broadcast of its year history.

Television coverage was notable for the use of mobile telephone footage sent in by members of the public and live pictures from traffic CCTV cameras.

At peak times during the day there were 40,page requests per second for the BBC News website. The previous all time maximum for the website followed the announcement of the Michael Jackson verdict , which used 7. Home Secretary Charles Clarke described it as an attempt by the BNP to "cynically exploit the current tragic events in London to further their spread of hatred".

Some newspaper editorials in Iran blamed the bombing on British or American authorities seeking to further justify the War on Terror , and claimed that the plan that included the bombings also involved increasing harassment of Muslims in Europe.

However, an official inquiry by the British government reported that the tape claiming responsibility had been edited after the attacks, and that the bombers did not have direct assistance from al-Qaeda. The group had, however, previously falsely claimed responsibility for events that were the result of technical problems, such as the London blackout and the US Northeast blackout of Prime Minister Tony Blair said an independent inquiry would "undermine support" for MI5, while the leader of the opposition, David Cameron , said only a full inquiry would "get to the truth".

A full public inquest into the bombings subsequently began in October Coroner Lady Justice Hallett said that the inquest would examine how each victim died and whether MI5, if it had worked better, could have prevented the attack.

He described this as a coincidence. He also gave an interview to the Manchester Evening News where he spoke of "an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real".