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Date: 03.02.2018

My Mother the Teacher (1986)

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Fiction T - English - Drama - Words: Does she know everything? But after watching her and observing how she made it this far in life has helped to shape the kind of person I have become. My mother has lived through hell and back, and has hands down become one of the strongest people I know. She also happens to be one of the craftiest as well.

This is a compilation of my memories from times when I was with my mother and the many things she has taught me over the years. Some of it is purposeful, some of it she unknowingly passed on to me. Whatever the case, this just proves that mothers should not be underestimated or dismissed as useless as many usually are.

These are the important and very useful things my mother has taught me. My mother taught me domestication. Growing up at first in what seemed like a step above poverty and then living in a home where my stepfather was a tyrannical terror, I considered my mother to be the only parent I had. My early years were spent with learning the norm of motherly lessons. As I got older she handed me the general chore of laundry and, eventually, cleaning the house in its entirety.

She also put me in charge of my brothers several times when they were babies. I had an overwhelming need to protect my brothers and care for them and Mom. This would prove to be a never dying instinct. I was so bad that my Mother once jokingly called me the "Second Mom" of the house while my brothers and I were playing one day.

I thought it to be true then and everyone, including friends, still thinks it holds true today. If I spoke out of turn, I was met with a stern look. One of the big things about my being a lady was respect. According to her, in order to receive respect, you must give it first. However, do realize that not everybody will care to give it and different people, depending on their actions, deserve differing amounts of respect.

After all, not everybody deserves it, now do they? My mother taught me the "A- 1" theory. I remember one afternoon after my mom and stepfather were separated we were talking about how tiring it was that she had to keep taking care of people when she had her own problems to deal with.

You have to look out for A- 1. Learn to take care of yourself before you take care of others. We both found out early in our lives that men were not that fantasized knight-in-shining-armor we were led to believe they were as children. She also told me to get my "ducks in a row" before getting into any real relationship. I had to prepare myself for any impending falls or disappointments. I remember a few days after she reminded me not to make her "mistakes.

My mother taught me about friendship. I always watched her and her friends. Many came and some went, but there were always those who seemed to stick by my mother no matter what. I overheard a phone conversation once when she was talking to one of her buddies from work. She had said something about people always sticking around as long as it benefited them, but as soon as something came up or you were in trouble, they suddenly disappeared. And you know what? And after watching her and learning from my own mistakes, it helped me to sort out what I would want in my friends.

I keep the friends I have now because they each have one or more of these traits: To me, these are the most important things I now value in all of my friends. Other than that, anyone who tries to get in my way or mess with me, I ditch.

My mother taught me how to get ahead.

Those are two totally different things, believe it or not. For best results, you have to use this stuff as subtly and tastefully as possible. These are merely a means to get what we want from the opposite sex and different age groups.

You just use what you know.

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For instance, you can get ahead by using your own emotions. This is really quite effective if used correctly. We decided early on that it was best that we feign happiness just to skip out on the grief of being ridiculed. We could hide stuff from others more effectively. I remember once my Mom was angry that Keith had come home drunk the night before again and was fuming to me about it the next day.

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And for the most part, it worked. Flirtation is a fun form of getting ahead, though. All he did was run diagnostics; and voila! The rest was bypassed and he signed the nice white paper on the pretty dotted line. It really has become something of an art to us. Then there are those situations where we have to be tenacious, competitive. Every time Keith tries to pull something in the court, we always find something to tag him with later.

Mom told her lawyer what really happened. He in turn told the judge and guess what? The judge subpoenaed his health records. And last but not least, looks can also get you what you want.

People just tend to judge a book by its cover, is all. Mom and I are not superficial, we just like to look like what and who we are: Putting effort into my personal appearance also helped out my self-esteem a bit. I used to think and feel that I was very ugly, until Mom taught me a few ways to spruce myself up without looking like I just walked off the street corner, as many girls I went to school with often did.

Thanks to her encouragement, I was able to wear a skirt and enjoy being a girl for the first time in what seemed like forever in my freshman year of high school. Everything she has experienced in her thirty-something years she has passed on to me, and I have used every bit of it at some point or another to reach my goals.

My Mother has taught me there is an art to being a woman. From her I have learned to love myself and in turn love others. She has taught me how to survive in a dog-eat-dog-push-and-pull world. I intend to use every bit of this knowledge to the fullest extent. And one day, I will be a mother, and I will pass it all on to my children.

But for right now, I will continue to use what I know now in order to achieve everything I need and everything she wanted for me: The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.