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Date: 19.10.2017

The Chief Inspector (1915)

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Whereas it hath been represented unto Us that it is advisable that the rank and precedence of persons holding appointments in the East Indies, as regulated by Our Royal Warrant, dated the 18th day of October , should be altered. We do therefore hereby declare that it is Our Will and Pleasure, that in lieu of the table laid down in Our said recited Warrant, the following table be henceforth observed with respect to the rank and precedence of the persons hereinafter named, namely,— 1.

Governor-General and Viceroy of India. Governors of Madras and Bombay. President of the Council of the Governor-General. Lieutenant-Governor when in his own territories. Chief Justice of Bengal. Bishop of Calcutta, Metropolitan of India. Ordinary Members of the Council of the Governor-General.

Chief Justice of a High Court other than that of Bengal.

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Bishops of Madras and Bombay. Ordinary Members of Council of Madras and Bombay. The Members of the Executive Council of the Lieutenant-Governor of Bihar and Orissa, when within their own jurisdiction, rank immediately above the officers included in Article 14, and when without their jurisdiction, in Article 15 of the table Home Department Notification No. Puisne Judges of a High Court.

Chief Judge of a Chief Court. Military Officers above the rank of Major-General. Bishops of Lahore, Rangoon and Lucknow, Secretaries to the Government of India. Chief Secretaries to the Governments of Madras and Bombay.

Members of a Board of Revenue: Commissioners of Revenue and Customs, Bombay: Consuls-General rank as No. Consular Officers de Carriere in their respective grades take precedence of Consular Officers who are not de Carriere. Consuls rank as No. Officers in charge of the Zhob, Quetta-Pishin, and Thal-Chotiali districts rank in Article 50 of the table throughout their respective charges, whether British or Agency territory Foreign Department letter No.

Bishops not territorial under license from the Crown. Archdeacons of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay. Standing Counsel to the Government of India. Commissioners of Settlements and Controllers of Military Accounts.

Archdeacons of Lahore, Lucknow and Rangoon. Deputy Secretaries to the Government of India. Political Agents and Superintendents drawing less than Rs. Secretaries to Local Administrations other than those already specified.

Consulting Engineers to the Government of India for Railways. Private Secretaries to Governors. Military Secretaries to Governors. Vice-Consuls rank as No. The entries in the above table apply exclusively to the persons entered therein, and while regulating their relative precedence with each other, do not apply to the non-official community resident in India, the members of which shall take their place according to usage.

Officers in the above table will take precedence in order of the numbers of the entries. Those included in one number will take precedence inter se according to the date of entry into that number. When an officer holds more than one position in the table he will be entitled to the highest position accorded to him.

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Officers who are temporarily officiating in any number in the table will rank in that number below permanent incumbents. All officers not mentioned in the above table, whose rank is regulated by comparison with rank in the Army, to have the same rank with reference to Civil Servants as is enjoyed by Military Officers of equal grades.

All other persons who may not be mentioned in this table to take rank according to general usage, which is to be explained and determined by the Governor-General in Council in case any question shall arise.

Nothing in the foregoing rules to disturb the existing practice relating to precedence at Native Courts, or on occasions of intercourse with Natives, and the Governor-General in Council to be empowered to make rules for such occasions in case any dispute shall arise.

All ladies to take place according to the rank herein assigned to their respective husbands, with the exception of wives of Peers, and of ladies having precedence in England independently of their husbands, and who are not in rank below the daughters of Barons, such ladies to take place according to their several ranks, with reference to such precedence in England, immediately after the wives of Members of the Council of the Governor-General.