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Date: 13.09.2017

The Maker of Dreams (1915)

We offer you to watch the movie The Maker of Dreams (1915), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

The title character of Cardcaptor Sakura frequently had these, most pointing to the same event involving her, Tokyo Tower , and a beautiful silver-haired man with wings. In the manga, she gets a couple of dreams about the event, but only when she got close to capturing all the cards.

Alvis of Last Exile has a recurring dream involving fields of wheat. This turns out to be extremely important; the "wheat covered earth" is part of one of the Mysteria she has to speak in order to activate the titular Exile. In Axis Powers Hetalia , Chibitalia once had a dream about a young man he had never seen until then.

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That youth turned out to be Japan, one of his future partners Takaki has one in 5 Centimeters per Second. He and Akari climb a hill. Sasami of the Tenchi Muyo! OVAs suffers from these. As well, they also tend to be very disturbing. And they all still go in the holes anyway. One episode of Mushishi featured a man that acquired this ability thanks to a mushi infection.

Unfortunately, he only learns this after a nightmare where everyone in his village died of a terrible, unnatural plague The start of Puella Magi Madoka Magica appears to be this.

The Secret Agreement begins with Yuuichi having dark Recurring Dreams of a voice saying "No matter what I want to get it, no matter what it takes. In Detonator Orgun , main character Tomoru has dreams about "a strange robot", the eponymous Orgun he ends meeting with, whenever he tries to use the PASFU machine that lets you choose your dreams. The manga Read or Dream has Anita dreaming about Hisami before meeting her.

In Detective Conan , Heiji becomes disturbed by a recent dream he had of Conan dying, so he lends him a charm.

Later that episode she gets to eat the food concerned. In Aruosumente , the entire point of having an Oracle around is that they are capable of having prophetic dreams. The plot is kicked off by Oracle Legna dreaming of someone shouting "Die! Freeza and Kami of Dragon Ball both had "premonitions" that turned out to be startlingly accurate, but the straightest example is Beerus from Dragon Ball Z: Ballads In the Child Ballad Sir Aldingar , the queen recounts a dream of having been attacked by a grim beast and saved by a little hawk.

Now that she has been attacked by Malicious Slander , she sends a messenger to search for a champion. May also be literal: This was the lone "superpower" of Wesley Dodds a. He would dream about crimes that had not yet been committed.

Palleg Manor, Ystradgynlais 1215-1915

He had Recurring Dreams where he saw Vader, was terrified, saw Vader starting to take his helmet off, and desperately pleaded with him to stop. He always felt guilty, then, and like there was some great wrong he had to set right.

In "The Shooting Star" Tintin dreams he is visited by Philippus the prophet who then shows him a picture of a gigantic spider, claiming it is life size! Later in the story he actually meets Philippus again and he discovers an island where a spider has grown to gigantic size due to the radiation of a comet.

In the album "De Bokkenrijder" Wiske explains to Tante Sidonia a strange dream she had the other night. Sidonia explains the symbolic meanings behind her nightmare. As the story progresses, many elements from the nightmare happen to the cast in real life. In Violine , Violine has dreams that predict future plot points. This kicks off the Fate series fanfic From Fake Dreams , in which Kiritsugu Emiya learns about the 5th Holy Grail War, and how his newly adopted son will be pivotal in the ensuing events - including a number of divergent paths and Bad Ends , as well as the life of Counter Guardian Shirou.

However, things have already diverged as a result, as the Magi now know Shirou exists and some of his capabilities. In the My Little Pony: The events of the My Little Pony: Two of them had come true so far, but their relevance has yet to be explained.

Rise Of The Shadows has this.

Dreaming of Things to Come - TV Tropes

During the prologue, the Queen has a nightmare that supposedly foreshadows events later in the story and she had been having these nightmares for some time now. Nico in the beginning of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fic Aska. It turns out his dream was sent by Fenrir, who in turn was sent it by Eric. In the Legend of Korra fanfic Book 5: Legends , Korra has a nightmare about the enemies she will face later on.

It comes true alright. Kei in the Naruto fanfic Catch Your Breath. After Hayate was born she kept dreaming of his future canon death for years, until she developed a split personality to deal with all those memories. This was also a recurring dream. Friendship Is Magic fanfic Composure could mean many things and is given different meanings by different characters. Danger and, to a lesser extent, Luna has prophetic dreams in the Harry Potter -based Dangerverse series.

In Digimon Advent , there is a wall of scribbles hidden in a boiler room in Arch Angel. It is the result of Tarockmon taking notes on his prophetic dreams, one of which had only just recently come to pass. She continues to have more simplified dreams after being turned back into a child and arriving in Shinobi Zone. She later has another one foreshadowing the climax of the Second arc, set to Infinity Mechanism , no less.

A dream Atoli has in. The Staircase to Nowhere appears to be prophetic. She uses drawing to make sense of what she remembers whenever it comes to her. Mistress has a dream in Chapter 11 of the Superjail! She has it all by the end of the fanfic. The latter has been subverted. While in captivity in Iron Mare , Rarity has a dream vision sent by Nightmare Moon of herself after her release, where everyone she cares about leaves her and she becomes a despondent recluse.

She refuses to let this happen. Friendship Is Magic fanfic Inner Demons. Cadence apparently has this ability.

Twilight starts having nightmares after reading a prophecy about a "Queen of Darkness", which matches her description to a tee. Rarity has dreams throughout the course of My Little Pony: As of Chapter 15, this includes dreaming of her future self and full potential. Chapter 7 of Kamen Rider Kuuga: Confirmed by the author that no matter how powerful Kuuga may become, the tragedy cannot be prevented. Episodes 1 and 10 of Kamen Rider Xtreme open with a dream sequence foretelling of a battle between four riders and a figure in shadows, the first of which ending with Alex proclaiming "This world is over.

After getting her ring in the My Little Pony: The start of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship starts of with a dream about the future, which states "Weakness will cause darkness to extinguish the five lights", implying a threat to the remaining five Elements when combined with the fact that Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy are the ones having the dream.

In the Game of Thrones fanfic Ned Stark Lives , Ned thinks his dream while in a coma - where he finds himself in a hall with the past Lords of Winterfell, and Brandon the Builder claimed that the Great Other cannot be killed, but merely imprisoned - is this. More disturbingly, it implies that Bran will not return from his trip to Coldhands. Drake Mallard dreams about both Darkwing Duck and his future self, Negaduck, shortly after his first encounter with Megavolt in the Darkwing Duck fanfic Nightfall in the Negaverse.

However, the fic did its own take as the prophecy remains unresolved in canon. Kirito gets a dream of the future in the chapter "Interlude: Juvage has a lot of disturbing dreams in the Medieval II: