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Barefoot in Athens (1966)

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In operated the last scheduled Britannia out of Khormaksar. All but one aircraft was pronounced US on arrival a good start. January when their role was taken over by Shackletons of 42 Sqdn on attachment from the UK.

Later in the year 6 Shackletons of 37 squadron about to be disbanded in Malta were posted to Khormaksar staying for the next ten years. Involved also in support helicopter role in Radfan etc. I served in the unit from Aug to July This may have been a temporary administrative arrangement.

They came briefly under 26 Squadron, for the same reason, in , but we carried on regardless, calling ourselves the SAR Flight, and not wanting too much to do with the much vaunted, but ultimately unfortunate Belvedere!

I had the sad task of attending 2 of their crashes, one fatal. Many thanks to Tony Bell for this entry. Khormaksar June June , Radfan, Makeros. Jones was our flight commander in Salalah.

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As the bus reached a stop in the Tawahi district LAC Smitten was shot in the back of the head by an assassin, A few days later a European was arrested at a petrol station in Aden, he had been acting suspiciously and he was found to be in possession of the pistol that killed LAC Smitten.

Thanks to NT for this entry. Thanks to Mike Hambly for this entry. Regiment was detached from R. Catterick to Khormaksar 22 April - 11 October The Squadron returned to Khormaksar the following year and was one of the last units to leave Aden. Previous tours undertaken by this regiment were December to April , under command of Squadron Leader Bangey. I came from Q,C. The squadron was based at Raf Upwood at the time,and we left there to go to Aden in June of that year.

When we got there,the sqdn was split up. However,we were on our last stint at Mukerios,when in early January,late at night a signal came through that we had to get all our kit together as we were to be air lifted out at first light. The next morning was a bit misty but the big Beverly made its landing without any mishaps,we all piled on board and arrived at Khormaksar whereby an Argosy was waiting for us. Along with "B"flt we boarded the Argosy and took off,where to nobody knew except the officers.

All in all,it was quite an eventful year for 37 field squadron Raf Regiment. Sgt Fowler arrived Little Aden oct Wing Commander Roberts commanding. F Khormaksar wing also operated as infantry unit at Dhala, and detachments attached to 8 sqdn.

Probably formed there circa mids to finish in My job, with the aid of one other RAF technician, was to maintain vehicles and also local village radio communication equipment. OC during my time Flt Lt Stevenson. Known affectionately as 12F3 SU. Prior to this it was Signals Unit Detachment. Back to Aden and Steamer Point. Thanks to Keith Crossland for this entry. I was posted to in Dec 66 and left in 67 just prior to the shut down.

Thanks to Jim Wright for this entry. First formed World War 2. Reformed - disbanded Posted to Aden , to MU based at khormaksar. Detached to Kuwait in july 61 emergency.

Was also in the Aden Services Gliding club at Sheik Othman old airfield - afternoons and weekends - flights. Did many sessions of armed guard, was shot at and caught in a cafe bombing at Steamer point, and arrested an SIB officer doing a security check on night on the airfield at the "Searchlight".

The riots,in These were Riots on the camp due to somebody tripping the power to the camp on that evening I was in block five, every thing went quiet and gradually everybody came onto there balconys. All went quiet after that. The next day the CO called all the junior NCO,s in and tor them off a strip he then banned spirits for awhile It was quite exciting for bored airmen. Thanks to Ian Walton for this entry. This unit was setup before World War 2 and situated between Maalla and Little Aden causeway opposite entrance to X group.

Thanks to Steve Foster for this entry. Thanks to Donald Price for this entry.

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Thanks to Peter Holme for this entry. The unit moved to Cemetery Valley, Steamer Point in C Asprey, Squadron Leader A. Stationed at Khormaksar for 2 years went on detachment to Beihan Yemeni border also Salalah and Masirah.

We were located in Tawahi shopping district until things got hairy in Personnel were a mixture of RAF and various ARMY, employed on the movement of civilian and forces personnel, baggage, stores and munitions. Many Thanks to Chris Norris for the detailed information. I was there from April to Nov 55 working as an orderly on the wards. An outbreak of polio occurred.

Dysentry was the main cause of admissions and occasionally gunshot wounds. I went to work at the M. Thanks to Fred Caroe for this entry. At no time did we ever receive protection from HMG forces. Thanks to Alexander Crawford for this entry.

Hard times but good comradeship. RAF Khormaksar Medical Center member of the raf medical center ambulance flight covering response to incidence in the protectorate during the crisis. Thanks to Dave Solomon for this entry. Thanks to Roy Good for this entry.

A new transmitting station was installed further upcountry. Five or Six members of the MT section accompanied the Levies on upcountry patrols. I was then posted to East Africa Command and served at the HQ signals centred Aden also the main signals centre which was below ground.

My service number is LAC. WE also returned to the UK together. At Salt Pans early Thanks to Alan F Millership for this entry. The function was to offer stores that would neither be used or returned to the UK upon withdrawal to local businessmen by tender.

It was very much a practical business proposition, and sometimes, feelings ran very high amongst the bidders! I served from January to November , taking stores into the compound and preparing all the tender documentation. Thanks to Keith Linnitt for this entry. Whilst in Aden Sqns were deployed up country in Habilayn where attacks occurred until withdrawn to prevent gun running.

Co Lt Colonel Trimbell. We were C sqdn 3DG. Remainder of the regiment remained in the U. Half the sqdn patrolling Persian Gulf, and the other half at Bir Fuqum. Various undertakings with A. Thanks to Tom McCarthy for this entry. The unit had previously spent one month on a beach just outside Sharjah climatizing. Recce troop of which I was a member was responsible for escorting the supply convoys up through Sheik Othman and Lahej to Dhala on the Yemen border to replen Xray troop of 45 Commando who were defending the route from Yemen to Aden.

We were accompanied by a Company of Gurkhas. Thanks to George Campbell for this entry. After a varied life including little wars up country on the Dhala Convoy route, exercises to Kenya, sorties into the desert in the Gulf, packed up and sailed to Malaya on the SS Oxfordshire. We were lucky as things got a little dangerous just after we left. Many Thanks to George Moores for the detailed entry.

Late to late The remaining sabre squadron initially C Squadron was sent to Sharjah to guard against Iraqi aggression in Kuwait. A troop of this squadron was soon to be deployed in Salala Muscat to assist the Sultan with the insurgency in Dhofar. The sabre squadrons in Aden were in action in Thumeir renamed Habilayn and in Dhala for the entire deployment while RHQ remained in barracks at Little Aden where its soldiers assisted with internal security.

Despite some fierce fighting up country and frequent terrorist incidents in Aden the regiment was fortunate in suffering only one fatal casualty during the campaign.