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Date: 02.02.2018

Die Aussöhnung (1978)

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After several years as a police photographer she joined the University of Birmingham Medical School , where she was employed as a medical photographer in the Anatomy Department. Parker often worked in a darkroom above a laboratory where research on smallpox viruses was being conducted. The building, which comprised Wards 31 and 32, has since been demolished. On 11 August , Parker who had been vaccinated against smallpox in [14] fell ill; she had a headache and pains in her muscles.

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She developed spots that were thought to be a benign rash. By 11pm all her close contacts, including her parents, were placed in quarantine.

Her parents were later also transferred to Catherine-de-Barnes. Parker died of smallpox at Catherine-de-Barnes on 11 September The body had to be cremated because there was a chance the virus could have thrived in the ground if Mrs Parker had been buried.

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All other funerals were cancelled that day and the Robin Hood Crematorium was thoroughly cleaned afterwards. The outbreak resulted in people being immediately quarantined, several of them at Catherine-de-Barnes Hospital, including the ambulance driver who transported Mrs Parker. The other close contacts, which included two biomedical scientists from the Birmingham Regional Virus Laboratory based at East Birmingham Hospital, were released from quarantine in Catherine-de-Barnes on 10 October He had a milder form of the disease, which was not diagnosed for eight weeks.

His suicide note read "I am sorry to have misplaced the trust which so many of my friends and colleagues have placed in me and my work.

This was partly because of safety concerns; the WHO wanted as few laboratories as possible handling the virus. The position of two safety cabinets is shown at the top with extraction ducts to the windows black arrows. The circles represent centrifuges and the squares various incubators and refrigerators. The laboratory was about 9. Shooter , [3] whose report was debated by Parliament. The Shooter Report was published in It noted that Bedson had failed to inform the authorities of changes in his research that could have affected safety.

Several of the staff at the laboratory had received no special training. Inspectors from the World Health Organisation had told Bedson that the physical facilities at the laboratory did not meet WHO standards, but had nonetheless only recommended a few changes in laboratory procedure. Bedson misled the WHO about the volume of work handled by the laboratory, telling them that it had progressively declined since , when in fact it had risen substantially as Bedson tried to finish his work before the laboratory closed.

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The virus had travelled in air currents up a service duct from the laboratory below, to a room in the Anatomy Department that was used for telephone calls. On 25 July, Parker had spent much more time there than usual ordering photographic materials because the financial year was about to end.

Expert evidence, presented by the defence and accepted by the magistrates, showed that sufficient virus material could not be produced by the laboratory to generate an infectious dose in the telephone room where Parker was supposedly infected.