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Date: 12.08.2017

Homo immanis (1919)

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Thanks to his singing talent, he made a successful transition into sound film and starred in many Austrian operettas. Till his death he appeared in nearly European films.

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British postcard by Ross Verlag, no. German postcard by Ross Verlag, Berlin, no. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. Petrovich is mentioned under his original name Svetislav Petrovic, here in Germanized version. He grew up in the bilingual Vojvodina. His names are also spelled Swetislaw, Iwan or Jwan. His father Mladen was a tailor. After attending the gymnasium in Novi Sad, Petrovich studied engineering at the polytechnic in Prague and later in Belgrade.

He was a talented singer and violinist and was an accomplished athlete, who participated as a swimmer at the Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. In he had to interrupt his studies when he was called up for the army in Serbia. At the end of the First World War he did not return to his studies, but began a career in show business. He had an obvious talent for languages and spoke next to his mother language Serbian also German, English and French.

Hungarian postcard by City Kindasa. Vintage postcard by FMSI, no. British postcard in the Picturegoer series, London, no. Austrian postcard by Iris Verlag, no. Publicity still for Frauenarzt Dr.

His singing talent lead to tours through Europe and the US. Petrovich was noticed by Hollywood director Rex Ingram who at the time lived and worked in Southern France, where he established a studio in Nice.

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He actred in three films by Ingram: Petrovich was even considered as one of the potential successors of Rudolf Valentino, who had died prematurely in In he visited his birthplace Novi Sad back to visit his parents and sisters, and the local news paper Politika published the news on the front page. Petrovich was enthusiastically welcomed by tens of thousands citizens. Sava for his contribution to the popularisation of film art. French postcard by Film Europe, no. Hegewald Film, Lux Film-Verleih.

Tall, handsome and good looking, with a sonorous voice, he even prospered. He made some 40 films in Germany till the outbreak of the war. As a good singer, he was frequently cast in filmed operettas. He stayed in touch with Serbian issues by visiting his friends, captured Serbian officers, in Nazi camps, which caused him problems with the Nazi Security Service.

Publicity still for Quartier Latin Augusto Genina, French postcard by Europe, no. In the next 15 years he mostly played supporting roles, and remained a sought actor in the German-speaking countries. The second in the film trilogy about Elisabeth of Austria, the film chronicles the married life of the young empress nicknamed Sissi.

Apart from acting, in this period he also worked as a radio announcer on Radio Free Europe, which was headquartered in Munich at the time. His work was strongly disliked by the post-war Communist authorities of Yugoslavia.

Wikipedia writes that this is one of the reasons why Petrovich is largely forgotten in Serbia today. In an effort to change that, the Serbian national film library, Jugoslovenska kinoteka, dedicated the year to him, and shows his films throughout the whole year.

As the film was shot during the sound film breakthrough, both a silent and a sound film were made. German postcard by Film-Foto-Verlag, no. German postcard by Das Programm von Heute, Berlin.

Dutch postcard by Takken, no.

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